Stress and the Cardiovascular System

Stress and the cardiovascular system:

Acute stress, that is, momentary or short term, causes an increase in heart rate and stronger heart muscle contractions. Blood vessels dilate in the heart to increase the amount of blood pumped to the larger muscle groups and internal organs. This causes the raise in blood pressure.


Chronic stress, or stress experienced over a long period of time, can cause long term problems for the heart and blood vessels causing for example, hypertension, heart attack or stroke. How a person responds to stress can also affect cholesterol levels.


If you are feeling stressed or have felt your heart speed up, found yourself out of breath, sweating for no known reason excepting anxiety – please stop and rest. Take a few deep breaths and make time for a regular relaxation massage until your body and mind is coping with life better. Please consult your GP for a general check-up. You are the only one who can know what is happening and make the decision to care for yourself and live life with peace and wellness!